Saturday, June 19, 2010


It was such a pretty sunny day Saturday and I ended up wasting it. Seriously, I do that every Saturday and then try to fit a bunch of projects in on Sunday.

I did go to a couple of flea markets and the local thrift today. I didn't find too much, but I was happy with the few things I did find.
I scored this cake plate for $2:

And a couple of cute vintage-y pillowcases:

I've been inspired by Laurie over at Scarlet Fig to find a foot stool to redo like this one. I just love her Tufted Tweets fabrics! So I've been hunting at the flea markets and thrifts to see if I can find a similar stool.

Last night I was bored and decided to spend the evening watching movies and surfing some of my favorite blogs...i.e. Crafty Porn. Get ready for some inspiring links. If I weren't typing this post at 11pm, I'd be outside with my spray paint getting busy! I haven't done ANY spray painting yet this year, but seeing all of these cool projects have really inspired me.

I love what Tammy at Tattered and Timeless did with these ladderback chairs. I've come across a couple of chairs like this, but didn't know what to do with the woven seating. Well, duh! Just get rid of it and make a cushioned cover! I also love how she made a rolling grocery cart into a storage bin for her craft room. I could kick myself right now because I saw one of these carts at a flea market for $4 today and couldn't talk myself into buying it.

I also love what Cincy over at Living in the 513! did with this luggage rack and chair.

And let's just say that Pam at DIY Design Fanatic is a woman after my heart with her love of spray painted things! How gorgeous is this red watering can?!?

Some other crafty home things that I came across that I just couldn't not mention were:
-These awesome hanging pincushions from Kendra at On My Side of the Room How quick and easy are these? And Kendra has a tutorial on making them as well!
-These must-have bookends from Rebekah at All Thingz Related. Holy Moly I'm soooo making these!
-Homemade Apothacary Jars by Stephie at Made by Stephie. (Also on my to do list!)
- Pretty much EVERYTHING made or redone by Whitney & Ashley at Shanty2Chic

I plan to run to Home Depot and buy all the stuff for the apothacary jars and bookends with maybe a side trip to Walmart to restock my spray paint since I'm running really low.

I will post updated pics as I begin painting again. I have promised myself (and my wonderfully patient fiance, J) that I will get rid of 3 things for every new thing I bring into the house. I think I need to clarify the terms of that, since I don't think the vintage linens should count...

By the way, in case you are inspired to spray paint everything in your house, like I am, I have two tips for you.
First, I recommend buying a name brand of spray paint. When I first started my painting projects, I bought the cheap .99 spray paint from Walmart. I quickly learned that when painting a bigger project, such as a big corner table like the one I painted last summer, your finger will go numb quickly and it doesn't spray as evenly. Now I only buy Krylon Indoor/Outdoor paint because not only does it come in awesome colors such as Blue Ocean Breeze, Bahama Sea, Gumdrop & Watermelon, but you get an even spray and a better coating. I am also, not a big fan of sanding wood, so I tend to just primer everything first, then paint.
Check back in the next day or so to see my Sunday painting projects...they are still drying right now!


  1. Loving the new look (header's awesome!) Thanks for all the great links, too. You have a great eye for them. Can't wait to try some of this stuff.

  2. BTW, great tips about painting. I would add that old vinyl tablecloths are good for protecting your deck or patio as you paint. I found out the hard way what happens if you don't do that!

  3. oh my gosh!! i TOTALLY have the mate to the pink pillow case!! how neat is that?!