Friday, October 28, 2011

Christmas Lantern

So far, this is my absolute favorite Christmas project I've done this year.  I'm not sure this one will be topped.  Even J loves it and he seriously hates Christmas decorations.

I got the original idea from Welcome Sunshine Home via Pinterest (of course!).  I was obsessed with making this lantern.  When my sisters and I went shopping this week at several local thrift stores I found this lantern for $2.92.  Score!

It took me about 30 mins (and most of that was fussing around with it) to make it all Christmas-y!

It's so shiny and pretty it may just have to be one of those things that sits out in my craft room year round.

Have you started on your Christmas crafts yet?


Saturday, October 22, 2011

More Fall Fun

I'm still busy crafting!  Yesterday I made this cute wreath:
I wanted to keep it simple and I like that the star pattern on the wreath is visible. 

I also found a tutorial for this cool star ornament from House Revivals that I kind of modified for my tastes. (Which totally means that I did not follow the directions and ended up with something different...twice!)

Both were pretty quick to make by using cardstock quality scrapbook paper. 

I'll be spending the day doing a few more crafts, so check back soon for another update!


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Trio

There is no better time to catch up than fall.  I have finally climbed out of the mojo-funk I've been in and have been crafting away at fall and even Christmas projects!

Today I wanted to share the pumpkin trio I made for $3.  I found these cute lil pumpkins at the dollar store for just a dollar each and everything else I already had "in stock" as my sister says.
How cute are these guys? They were pretty quick and easy too, which is a huge plus in my book.
I'll show you some close ups and hopefully you will love them as much as I do!

The polka dot pumpkin was the easiest.  I just made a little ribbon from a tutorial I found on Pinterest (OMG, I am addicted to Pinterest, aren't you?!?) and added the dots by dipping the eraser of a pencil into black paint. 
For the ribbon pumpkin I used dressmakers pins that I had gotten in a batch of stuff picked up from freecycle to pin the ribbon to the top and bottom of the pumpkin and tied another ribbon on the top. The orange ribbon looks kind of off in this picture because of the lights but it matches much better in person.

This one is my personal favorite.  I call it a doodle pumpkin.  I drew the doodles onto the pumpkin with pencil then used more dressmakers pins to complete the designs.  The light really dulled them down, they are very bling-ish in person!  I'm not sure the aqua ribbon will stay.  I was trying to do something diffferent instead of a bow and I think I will have to find something else because I'm not loving the ribbon.

Check back this weekend for some more crafty updates.  I have lots to share thanks to my revived motivation!


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