Friday, March 27, 2009

10 Things

Once again, I had no time to post this week. So I will wrap up my week with another 10 things that made me happy this week:

1 - DVR - I finally got the DVR up and working and I am in love with it! Nuff said.
2- Quilted Cupcakes - My sister published her very first podcast and it is awesome! I volunteered to be a guest on an upcoming episode! Check out her podcast on Itunes under Quilted Cupcake
3- Surpassing Goals - My team at work had a goal of 10 new orders each day this week. We fell short a couple of days, but today we got 23 new orders! Our total for the week was 65...15 more than we needed. Yay us!
4- Chick-fil-A iced tea - love it almost as much as McDonald's sweet tea and I'm drinking some now!
5 - Bibs - I think I mentioned before that I love making bibs. Above is one I made a few weeks ago. I have several cut out and ready to sew up this weekend. Hope to post the pics Sunday.
6 - Public Library - I love the library. I would go every day if I had the time. Being a librarian was always on my top 5 list of dream jobs. Except I wouldn't want to deal with people. They would interrupt my reading.
7 - Audio Books - How did I ever survive with these? My favorite audio books are ones by my favorite authors (Suzanne Brockmann and Janet Evanovich) that I have already read. I love to listen to the characters come to life. I always have an audio book in my car's CD player and usually listen on the way to work and back. It makes the 40 minute drive fly by.
8 - Memories - With the 1st anniversary of my Dad's passing this week, I took time to think back about my favorite memories of him. I love remembering something, some moment in time, that I hadn't thought of in years. It makes me feel closer to him.
9 - Talking Cats - My youngest cat (she's 16, the oldest is 17) "talks" to me from the minute I walk in the door at night until I go to bed. She will wait outside the bedroom door and follows me into the bathroom to talk. She sits in the tub (hence her current nickname, Tubthumper) and talks away. We joke that she is ratting out her big brother, the dog and Jeff on all the bad things they did while I was at work.
10 - Flickr - I spend hours upon hours on Flickr getting craft inspiration and just enjoying the wonderous creations made by crafty people.
Wow, I'm at 10 already. I have more, but I will keep it to 10. Hope to post some crafty goodness this weekend. I'm going to concentrate on pincushions and bibs this weekend.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Busy Saturday!

I started the day at Comcast, upgrading from digital cable to a DVR. I was so excited! No more missing my favorite shows because I had to work late or stop at the store. I could watch my favorites over and over. I picked up my DVR and moved on. Skip forward 6 hours and Jeff went to hook up the DVR and the man at Comcast gave me the DVR for HD TV. This after asking if I had an HD TV and me telling him no. *sigh* I really, really hate Comcast customer service. This is not our first run in with them and their extremely poor customer service and undertrained staff. I won't go into details about the last run in other than to say it escalated to a call to the president of Comcast and ended up with us getting 3 months free service. Todays incident ended up with Comcast promising to drop off the correct box on Tuesday at no charge. That would satisfy me if I hadn't planned to use the new DVR on MONDAY.

Anyway, my next stop was Ikea. I love Ikea. I can always find something there to spend my money on. Today I spent lots of it. Mostly on storage stuff.

After Ikea, I went to the cemetary to visit my Mom and Dad. Monday is the one year anniversary of my Dad's unexpected passing. Since I have to work Monday, I went today. I took the Daffodils I got at work to place on the grave. Hope this doesn't freak anyone out, but here is a pic of the flowers on the gravesite. My parents are buried at a Veteran's Cemetary and they bury the husband and wife in the same plot, that's why both names are on the headstone. (I've blurred the last name for privacy reasons)

After spending some time talking to my parents I headed to get my hair cut. I was a bit early and my girl is usually running a little late, so I ran into the thrift store close by and found this cool thingy. Not sure what it's supposed to be (I pick up a lot of stuff like this) but the top tier has a hole like you are supposed to put a candle or something. Anyway, it was chipped and kind of sad looking (left picture below), so I ran it out to the back yard once I got home and sprayed it with a coat of paint and now it looks great! (right picture below) Now I need to find a good use for it! (ETA: OMG, I just previewed my post and I'm extremely embarrassed at how dirty the wall is behind the pictures below. It's the backsplash of our kitchen counter and apparently it wasn't wiped down recently. I'm off to do it now, I swear!)

Overall another productive day! I spend a bit of time in my craft studio, but mostly organizing. I'm heading back now to dabble a bit. I'm still working up the courage to try those baby booties!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Since I don't have much time to post tonight, I thought I'd list 10 things that made me happy this week, so here goes:
1. Daffodil Days at work - My company sponsored a day at work called "Daffodil Days" and everyone received a bunch of daffodils. They were just stalks when we got them, but they opened up overnight and this is what I woke up to today. Spring is in the air!
2. Un-lost Ipods - I lost my Ipod over two months ago. Jeff and I have torn the house and my car apart several times looking for it. We finally gave up and I was resigned to the fact that I would have to buy a new one. This morning I was gathering up my stuff for work and there, in the bottom of the bag I carry to work was my Ipod. Yay!
3. Casual Fridays - I love wearing jeans to work. Fridays always pass so quickly and I swear it's because I get to wear jeans!
4. Crafty Sisters - Last Sunday, Jean, Jan and I went to a quilt show at Goucher College and loaded up on fabrics and notions. Not only did I feel especially close to my Mom as we walked the aisles of the show, I know she was dancing in Heaven as she watched three of her daughters doing something she loved to do herself.
5. Reality TV - I LOVE reality TV. Right now Amazing Race, Hell's Kitchen, Survivor, Biggest Loser and American Idol are all in the midst of their seasons. Big Brother is my favorite, can't wait until that comes back on!
6. New Episodes of One Tree Hill - One Tree Hill is my guilty pleasure. I have an unhealthy facination with Chad Michael Murray and never miss an episode!
7. DVR Days - I have decided that I can no longer live without a DVR and I'm going to Comcast on Saturday to pick mine up.
8. Law and Order -Law & Order is my lullaby. Turn it on and I sleep like a baby. Sadly, USA Network has decided that House needs to be played more than L&O and it's not as easy to tune into as it was a year ago, but I'm getting me a DVR (see above) and you can be sure I will have L&O galore saved on it!
9. Haircuts - I'm getting my hair cut and highlights done on Saturday. I haven't had a hair cut and dye since October...yes, its been 5 months and it shows....badly. I put it off as long as I possibly can because I am never happy with the outcome. Not that my girl, Diane, doesn't do a good job...I just have horribly thin, limp hair that never looks right. The dye helps though.
10. Jeff - He just makes me happy every single day of my life. He is absolutely the best man in the whole wide world and I am lucky to have him to share my life with. One day soon I will dedicate an entire post to him and his wonderfulness.
Hope everyone else has had an enjoyable week. I hope to post some new crafty goodness this weekend. I am determined to try the baby booties that I have been scared to try until now!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

My day started off pretty good. After suffering from a bout of Vertigo since last Saturday, I finally woke up this morning feeling more normal. I still had a little bit of dizziness, but nothing compared to the last week.

My day got better when I ran to Walmart at 730 am (I refuse to go to Walmart on a Saturday anytime after 9am when it turns into what my friend, Tina, calls "Suicide Saturday"). When I'm in Walmart I always look at the pajamas. Do I need pajamas? Heck no, but I always look. Anyway, I found these, pardon the pun, sweet pair of jammies with a cupcake on the top and cupcakes and flowers all over the bottoms. Score! I love anything to do with cupcakes and owls right now and I just had to have these.

So my next stop was the Goodwill Superstore. I love walking through a thrift shop and finding odd little things that appeal to me. I constantly waiver between "I can't believe someone would get rid of that!" to "I can't believe someone paid money for that...and then donated it!" I am currently on a mission to find wool sweaters to felt, owl stuff, cupcakey stuff, fabric and books. A girl can never have too many books. My favorite two sections of any thrift shop are the books and the housewares. You never know what you will find there. Today, this is what I found:

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It's way cool and I knew as soon as I saw it what I would use it for, but I have no clue what it is. I snatched it up and moved along to gather a bunch of other stuff -2 big bags full. Grand total $19 and change. I will post the finished product of this once it is completed. Probably not until next weekend.

Once I left the thrift store, I headed to the library, got a bunch of new books and headed home. I kind of overdid it because I was starting to feel dizzy again, so I rested a bit then headed down to my craft room. Since I promised some crafty goodness today, here is a bib I completed. I have no clue who it's for, but I love how it turned out! (I know it's not a great picture, but I'm too beat to go take another picture right now. Trust me on the cuteness just this once.)

Anyway, that's my day so far. Kinda lame to give a blow by blow, but I love days like this so I wanted to share. Now it's time to eat some Chinese food and rest. Tomorrow is another day!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Going It Alone

For the past couple of years, I have shared a blog with my sister and a friend. What started as a scrapbooking and papercrafting blog has turned into more of a sewing blog.
I don't post that much on that blog because, well, sometimes, I don't have anything crafty to post and I don't want to ruin the "sanctity" of that space.

So here I am, starting my own blog. I have to say up front that I am NOT big on follow through. I mean well, but I let life get in the way more often than not. So if I disappear at times, bare with me!

I named this blog Lucy's Daughter in honor of my Mom. I lost my Mom on December 21, 2008 to Alzheimer's. While I will never again hear her say "I love you", I will carry her with me each and every day as I sew, quilt, read, listen to country music (Alan Jackson was her favorite!), haunt thrift shops, flea markets and yard sales and even as I look into the mirror (I have her freckles, thanks Mom!).

So here goes...tune in tomorrow for some crafty goodness!