Monday, May 31, 2010

Back to Crafting

My loyal followers (all 3 of them) have complained that I haven't had an update in awhile, so here I am!
I planned on getting a lot more done this weekend than I did, to be honest. It's a long weekend, I had no plans, I was golden....then the bed broke this past week so we ended up spending most of Saturday buying a new one.
Part of Sunday was spent shopping for new linens. Some may think that wouldn't take long. Some don't know J and I very well. We have polar opposite tastes on everything. I want one thing, he wants another. Always. We often joke that we have no clue what keeps us together. We usually come up with the same answer to that question...I'm awesome. (Hey, what can I say, he isn't a stupid man and he knows when to agree with me.)
So here I am Monday afternoon with not a whole lot to show from my weekend.
My plan was to make all new pillows for the living room. The ones we have are downright embarrassing. I won't show pics, you don't want to see them.
What I ended up making was one. One pillow. Uno. But I LOVE it.

The pillow was based on a tutorial by Allison over at Cluck. Cluck. Sew. I love her work. I asked Jean yesterday if she thought Allison would become our adopted sister. We want to have a sewing day with her and pick her brain. Okay, I'll stop there, don't want to sound stalker-ish.
J and I also did our Spring cleaning this past week and we mostly organized my studio. Any, yes, by mostly organized, I mean we shoved stuff into bins and boxes to clear a path because the landlord wanted to do an inspection. This means I will share pics of my studio. Yes, I know it's not gorgeous and awe-inspiring like some other workspaces I've seen, but it's mine all mine! And I can now work in it without tripping over stuff.

Note that awesome patchwork rug in the pic of the sitting area. I bought that for $4 at my local thrift store. I adore that rug! I also scored that vintage suitcase (currently full of fabric) at a thrift store awhile ago for $3 or $4. The incomplete star quilt on the table was made by my Mom. It needs the binding finished, and although I've thought about doing it, there is a part of me that likes it the way it is. Kind of like Mom put it aside to work on it later and will come back to it.

The last thing I made today was a new placemat to go on my bedside table. The fabric doesn't match my bedroom, I've just been dying to use it! I know this isn't a great pic, but I took it with my cell phone. I couldn't find my card for my camera when I was taking the picture.

That's it for now. As always, I will try to post more often to keep the masses (all 3 of you) happy!


P.S. Please take a moment to thank a soldier or say a prayer for our troops today. They serve our country with courage and selflessness and deserve our best wishes.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Neighbors

Our neighbors built a bird house for their daughter a couple of months ago and look who moved in:

And of course there's always one who is still hungry after Mom feeds them:

It's been worth all of the noise they make each morning at feeding time to see a sign of spring since it's been a pretty cold spring!