Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 Tasks - Day Two Project Update

I really think this challenge is what I needed to get my tush in gear.  I have been getting up early and instead of wasting that time, I've been getting stuff done.  I've also been doing a little on my breaks from work and heading right down to my studio when my work day is done!

Last night (Day One) I began working on organizing and labeling my surplus craft supplies.  I am forever buying something then stowing it in a box or a cabinet or a tote, ony to never see it again...until I re-buy it.  Then I find it right away!  Ugh!

I tackled an easier spot first.  My craft storage unit.  This is one of those modular scrapbooking/crafting units made up of 6 glass front cubes and two connecting "planks".  The top of it (not shown here) holds some of my favorite things, but the cabinets and the empty spaces are stuffed!  The photo storage boxes fit perfectly in there.  I spent two hours going through each box and putting like things together.  Then I labeled the boxes so I can find what I need more easily.  (I haven't gotten to the cabinets yet, they mostly hold scrapbooking paper and CD's.)  I was happy that when I was done I ended up with 4 empty boxes.

When not in use, I have curtains covering the open spaces to make it look neater.  I need to replace the curtain on the bottom, but I haven't found just what I'm looking for at the thrift store yet.

I also started working on my sketchbook to hold my project ideas.  I'm calling it Project Redo.  It will have sections for Inspiration, Before & After's & Future Projects.
First I painted the spiral edge of the sketch book with black paint, since it was purple and the paper I chose was black and white:

Then I adhered the paper (from the Scarlet Letter Basic Grey line) to the front:

I'm still working on the front lettering.  I'm not sure I like this.  I used plain chipboard because I thought it would illustrate the whole "redo" theme, but they don't show up too well.  I haven't adhered them yet so I may break out my Cricket and just cut the letters out of cardstock.  What do you think?
Lastly, I pulled out Nanny's Chair to start cleaning and dismantling it.  I am going to sand it down and paint it and recover the seat.  I call it Nanny's chair because it was the chair my Grandmother used at her sewing machine table.  I also have her sewing machine and the table.  I struggled with the decision to redo this chair because seeing it as is always makes me think of Nanny, but I think she would want me to update it and use it instead of just having it sit all dirty and ugly!
I also pulled out a wooden mirrored shelf that use to hang in my Grandmother's house.  No immediate plans to redo this, but eventually I would like to redo it and hang it in my bedroom. (Sorry it's so dirty and smudged, I tried to do a quick clean up to take a picture and ended up making a mess!)

So, so far so good, huh?  I'm really proud of myself for getting this much done.  I've also worked a little on some of the other tasks, but no pictures yet!
How is everyone else doing?  Let me know if you need some cheering on, I'll be glad to head over with my pom poms!


  1. I absolutely love the chair it will look wonderful after you redo it!

  2. Way to go! That challenge has really inspired you. Keep the posts a-comin'!