Saturday, March 31, 2012

Boy Oh Boy!

I love making bibs, mostly because they are so easy.  I haven't had any small children to sew bibs for lately so I haven't made any for about a year.  A few weeks ago a coworker asked me to make some bibs for her unborn baby boy.  I made her a few for her little girl a few years ago and she loved them.  Since flattery will get you anywhere with me, I quickly agreed.  I had a sewing day with my sister, Jan, and made the bibs below.  My coworker loved them!  I was doubly honored because after I left the office another girl on my team told me she was showing them to another coworker and they were both oohing and ahhing over them!

This polka dotted bib is made out of courderoy with a teal flannel backing.

Green polka dots (that are much brighter in person, not puke green as shown) with a whale embroidered on it.
Close up of the whale.  (This one was definately my favorite)
Baby blue with white polka dots and an embroidered elephant.
Close up of Mr. Elephant.

Puppy bib.
All four bibs.
I was really happy with how they turned out!
I have lots to share with you since I've been on a crafting bend, so check back soon!