Sunday, June 27, 2010

10 Tasks in 10 Days - Halfway There

The good news is that I'm proud to say that I'm slightly ahead of the game at this point.  I have completed 6 of my 10 tasks. The bad news is that I probably won't have time to complete the other 4 tasks until at least Friday or Saturday.  The last week of the month is crazy for me at work and I am usually completely stressed out.  Not to mention that the weather here has been averaging between 95 to 100 degrees and it's been too dang hot to paint out in the sun.
That being said, come take a look at some of the stuff I have completed!

These book ends were inspired by Bridgette & Rebekah over at All Thingz Related.  When I saw these, I knew right away that I wanted a pair of my own!  I am so happy with how they turned out.  They were really easy to make and I'm thinking of making another set using bright colors to use in my office space.

Next came my pincushion.  I have had this thrifted metal thingy (that's the technical term) for over a year.  I knew I wanted to make a three tiered pincushion out of it, but never quite got around to it.  It has made its way into and found its way out of my donation boxes about 5 times now.  I decided it was time to get it done already.
I like how it turned out, although I'm not completely happy with the top level.  It didn't sit right and I redid it once and then gave up and left it alone.

Then came Nanny's chair.  I removed the seat, which was much easier than I had anticipated, and began to prep the wood for painting.  That's when I found the the wood had some kind of veneer overlay.  Ugh, not sanding friendly.  I think I'm going to just lightly sand it and paint it instead of sanding it all the way down as I had originally planned.

But the painting cannot be done until I decide what fabric to use to cover the seat.  I've narrowed it down to four.  Any opinions would be much appreciated.  Below are my final 4.
Choice A is from the Basic Grey Line "Blush".  If I choose this, I would probably paint the chair to match the aqua color in the fabric.

Choice B is an Amy Butler fabric that I've had for awhile.  I think I originally bought it to make a tote bag.  If I choose this one, I would paint the chair to match the green in the fabric.
Choice C is the Cogsmo line by Cosmo Cricket.  I adore this line.  I love the colors and all of the fabrics.  Any time I find a stray piece of it at a quilt show or shop, I buy it.  I just don't know if the stripes are where I want to go with the chair.  And if I choose this fabric, I don't know what color I'd paint the chair...maybe teal or red.
Last but not least is choice D.  This is a funky fabric that I picked up for it's bright colors.  Originally I bought it to make a pinwheel quilt, but ended up finding another fabric I liked more.  I'm leaning towards this fabric with the chair painted bright red.

So where are you in your tasks?  Is anyone finished this early in the game?  Please let me know what you think of my completed projects and weigh in on which fabric you like for the chair!

And don't forget to visit Gina at The Shabby Chic Cottage for lots of inspiration and tons of linkys to those participating in the 10 Tasks in 10 Days Challenge!



  1. You've been busy! The bookends are great--are they heavy? The pincushions look like cupcakes! Cute! I like the first fabric with the teal paint. Good luck finishing up!

  2. Your bookends look fantastic! I'm tickled that you liked them well enough to make your own! And those pin cushions are great!

  3. I like the fourth fabric. It just seems fun. Great job on your list. :-)

  4. What a fun pincushion!

    I really like the first fabric choice. I think it works best with the wood. If you do decide to paint it, I like the second fabric - - very spunky!

  5. I love the aqua fabric and the pin cushions are adorable.. great job!
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  6. I like fabric B, and I don't think I'd paint the chair. I like the natural wood. Even if it's scarred, it's pretty.

    And, that three-tiered pincushion - Oh my! Love, love, love it. You could keep safety pins in one, applique in another and quilting pins in the third. Genius idea, sis!

  7. I am lovin the pincushions!!

  8. I'm partial to choice A. But I like the feminine floral with browns look. Yes, halfway there, feels good hey!

  9. I like choice A and I would paint the chair in the dark red or pink color. I try to take the smallest bit of color and bring that out. Just my idea.

  10. Thanks so much everyone for your comments! I'm so geeked out that I got 9 comments and 8 of them are not from my sister!
    To Ellie: The bookends are heavy because I filled the cans with clear stones and pennies to weigh them down. I was desparate to make them solid and I didn't have enough stones, so one day many years from now someone will open them up and be $1.07 richer from my pennies!

  11. YOu're doing greaton your tasks! I love the pincushons. I love the Amy Butler fabric for the chair, but I love almost all her fabric. The first one is really nice too. Have a great week!

  12. Thank-you for the sweet comment on my blog! Great job on getting six done! Love it all, the pincushion is so stinking cute!

  13. great job on getting halfway there! i love choice a for the chair, too :) can't wait to see the finished product!

  14. That pin cushion is adorable! Love that it looks like cupcakes.

    As for the fabric, I like A & B but B would be my choice. I think it would look great with the chair painted green.

    Congrats on getting 6 tasks done! Thanks for stopping by and the sweet comments.

  15. Love it all...I think the pin cushion cupcakes turned out wonderfully!