Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Since I don't have much time to post tonight, I thought I'd list 10 things that made me happy this week, so here goes:
1. Daffodil Days at work - My company sponsored a day at work called "Daffodil Days" and everyone received a bunch of daffodils. They were just stalks when we got them, but they opened up overnight and this is what I woke up to today. Spring is in the air!
2. Un-lost Ipods - I lost my Ipod over two months ago. Jeff and I have torn the house and my car apart several times looking for it. We finally gave up and I was resigned to the fact that I would have to buy a new one. This morning I was gathering up my stuff for work and there, in the bottom of the bag I carry to work was my Ipod. Yay!
3. Casual Fridays - I love wearing jeans to work. Fridays always pass so quickly and I swear it's because I get to wear jeans!
4. Crafty Sisters - Last Sunday, Jean, Jan and I went to a quilt show at Goucher College and loaded up on fabrics and notions. Not only did I feel especially close to my Mom as we walked the aisles of the show, I know she was dancing in Heaven as she watched three of her daughters doing something she loved to do herself.
5. Reality TV - I LOVE reality TV. Right now Amazing Race, Hell's Kitchen, Survivor, Biggest Loser and American Idol are all in the midst of their seasons. Big Brother is my favorite, can't wait until that comes back on!
6. New Episodes of One Tree Hill - One Tree Hill is my guilty pleasure. I have an unhealthy facination with Chad Michael Murray and never miss an episode!
7. DVR Days - I have decided that I can no longer live without a DVR and I'm going to Comcast on Saturday to pick mine up.
8. Law and Order -Law & Order is my lullaby. Turn it on and I sleep like a baby. Sadly, USA Network has decided that House needs to be played more than L&O and it's not as easy to tune into as it was a year ago, but I'm getting me a DVR (see above) and you can be sure I will have L&O galore saved on it!
9. Haircuts - I'm getting my hair cut and highlights done on Saturday. I haven't had a hair cut and dye since October...yes, its been 5 months and it shows....badly. I put it off as long as I possibly can because I am never happy with the outcome. Not that my girl, Diane, doesn't do a good job...I just have horribly thin, limp hair that never looks right. The dye helps though.
10. Jeff - He just makes me happy every single day of my life. He is absolutely the best man in the whole wide world and I am lucky to have him to share my life with. One day soon I will dedicate an entire post to him and his wonderfulness.
Hope everyone else has had an enjoyable week. I hope to post some new crafty goodness this weekend. I am determined to try the baby booties that I have been scared to try until now!

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