Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Busy Saturday!

I started the day at Comcast, upgrading from digital cable to a DVR. I was so excited! No more missing my favorite shows because I had to work late or stop at the store. I could watch my favorites over and over. I picked up my DVR and moved on. Skip forward 6 hours and Jeff went to hook up the DVR and the man at Comcast gave me the DVR for HD TV. This after asking if I had an HD TV and me telling him no. *sigh* I really, really hate Comcast customer service. This is not our first run in with them and their extremely poor customer service and undertrained staff. I won't go into details about the last run in other than to say it escalated to a call to the president of Comcast and ended up with us getting 3 months free service. Todays incident ended up with Comcast promising to drop off the correct box on Tuesday at no charge. That would satisfy me if I hadn't planned to use the new DVR on MONDAY.

Anyway, my next stop was Ikea. I love Ikea. I can always find something there to spend my money on. Today I spent lots of it. Mostly on storage stuff.

After Ikea, I went to the cemetary to visit my Mom and Dad. Monday is the one year anniversary of my Dad's unexpected passing. Since I have to work Monday, I went today. I took the Daffodils I got at work to place on the grave. Hope this doesn't freak anyone out, but here is a pic of the flowers on the gravesite. My parents are buried at a Veteran's Cemetary and they bury the husband and wife in the same plot, that's why both names are on the headstone. (I've blurred the last name for privacy reasons)

After spending some time talking to my parents I headed to get my hair cut. I was a bit early and my girl is usually running a little late, so I ran into the thrift store close by and found this cool thingy. Not sure what it's supposed to be (I pick up a lot of stuff like this) but the top tier has a hole like you are supposed to put a candle or something. Anyway, it was chipped and kind of sad looking (left picture below), so I ran it out to the back yard once I got home and sprayed it with a coat of paint and now it looks great! (right picture below) Now I need to find a good use for it! (ETA: OMG, I just previewed my post and I'm extremely embarrassed at how dirty the wall is behind the pictures below. It's the backsplash of our kitchen counter and apparently it wasn't wiped down recently. I'm off to do it now, I swear!)

Overall another productive day! I spend a bit of time in my craft studio, but mostly organizing. I'm heading back now to dabble a bit. I'm still working up the courage to try those baby booties!

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