Friday, March 27, 2009

10 Things

Once again, I had no time to post this week. So I will wrap up my week with another 10 things that made me happy this week:

1 - DVR - I finally got the DVR up and working and I am in love with it! Nuff said.
2- Quilted Cupcakes - My sister published her very first podcast and it is awesome! I volunteered to be a guest on an upcoming episode! Check out her podcast on Itunes under Quilted Cupcake
3- Surpassing Goals - My team at work had a goal of 10 new orders each day this week. We fell short a couple of days, but today we got 23 new orders! Our total for the week was 65...15 more than we needed. Yay us!
4- Chick-fil-A iced tea - love it almost as much as McDonald's sweet tea and I'm drinking some now!
5 - Bibs - I think I mentioned before that I love making bibs. Above is one I made a few weeks ago. I have several cut out and ready to sew up this weekend. Hope to post the pics Sunday.
6 - Public Library - I love the library. I would go every day if I had the time. Being a librarian was always on my top 5 list of dream jobs. Except I wouldn't want to deal with people. They would interrupt my reading.
7 - Audio Books - How did I ever survive with these? My favorite audio books are ones by my favorite authors (Suzanne Brockmann and Janet Evanovich) that I have already read. I love to listen to the characters come to life. I always have an audio book in my car's CD player and usually listen on the way to work and back. It makes the 40 minute drive fly by.
8 - Memories - With the 1st anniversary of my Dad's passing this week, I took time to think back about my favorite memories of him. I love remembering something, some moment in time, that I hadn't thought of in years. It makes me feel closer to him.
9 - Talking Cats - My youngest cat (she's 16, the oldest is 17) "talks" to me from the minute I walk in the door at night until I go to bed. She will wait outside the bedroom door and follows me into the bathroom to talk. She sits in the tub (hence her current nickname, Tubthumper) and talks away. We joke that she is ratting out her big brother, the dog and Jeff on all the bad things they did while I was at work.
10 - Flickr - I spend hours upon hours on Flickr getting craft inspiration and just enjoying the wonderous creations made by crafty people.
Wow, I'm at 10 already. I have more, but I will keep it to 10. Hope to post some crafty goodness this weekend. I'm going to concentrate on pincushions and bibs this weekend.

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