Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pink Christmas

I admit it, I have an addiction to the styrofoam cones from the dollar store.  I cannot go there without walking out with one (or three).  I man, they're a DOLLAR.  Do you know how much Michael's or AC Moore charges for the same thing?  Well, neither do I, but I assure you, it's not a dollar!

This is the first creation for my stryofoam tree display this year:

Can you say cuteness?  I used up most of my left over pink Prima flowers from back in my scrapbooking days and added a few random pink and white beads to give it some depth.  The pink polka dot ribbon topper is some of my favorite ribbon. 
I admit this took some time pinning all those darn flowers, but I just love the outcome!

Stay tuned for more styroform trees to join the display. Would love to hear any ideas anyone has for decorating the half dozen or so I still have to do!

Thrifty Thursday @ Quilted Cupcake


  1. Love it! Prima flowers - rockin it old school! I like the tinsel trees that you wrap in sparkly garland. Maybe we can make those this week?

  2. I will have to look for styro stuff at the dollar store. I saw balls at ac moore or michaels and they were mucho. This is really cute. I might try covering w fabric then add garland or star on top