Friday, November 25, 2011

My Not-Quite-Martha Mat

When I first saw this awesome door mat a la Martha Stewart over at Say Yes to Hoboken, I was immediately in love.  I was going to make that mat! 

I ran to Home Depot the next day and had the nicest boy cut my wood for me.  Hmmm, the sizes Martha suggests for the length would cover my whole tiny porch!  No problem, I'll improvise and lay my slats length-wise.  Spray paint?  Those are some pretty cool colors, I'm going to get each of them.  Check.
Then, I left all of those pretty colors at my sister's house for, oh say about 6 months?

Not being known as a big improviser (or being known for improvising or coloring outside of the lines EVER) I took this opportunity to give it a try.   I'm not completely pleased with the results, but I am very happy that I did at least complete the project.  I ended up using it indoors by my basement door since I didn't get as far as weather proofing it..

I still have another set of 8 slats that I'm going to do another mat with...maybe go for all the same color or one or two colors instead. If I get the motivation up I may do a blue/gray combo for winter.
Tomorrow I'm off to craft with my sisters for the day....I can't wait!

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