Sunday, April 25, 2010

Peep, Peep

I'm still here! I haven't been feeling very creative lately, so I haven't had much to share.
I was determined to get my mojo back in the last two weekends and it feels good to create again.
Here's the little guy that helped me:

He was inspired by a stuffed Peep that Jean and I saw in a little oountry store on our trip to Lancaster last month for the APQ Quilt Show. I used Jean's trick of upcycling the beaded filling from a thrifted beanie baby to weight him down and now he watches over me in my studio to make sure I actually do stuff instead of just leafing through magazines thinking about doing stuff!

I was also inspired by a flat screen TV cover I found on Flickr by Modernjax that was just too cute for words. (Do you all find inspiration on Flickr too? I've never been disappointed by scrolling through my groups there!)

Apparently modernjax's TV wasn't cable ready because she got those bars that mean the station is off the air. Since I have cable and can always find something on, I tuned my version, which I'm going to use as a computer monitor cover, to "This Old House":

I'm not quite done with it yet,it needs a few little touches, but I'm happy how it turned out. This was pretty out of the box for me. I don't normally just wing it when it comes to creating, I like to follow patterns. (A+B always equals C in my house or there is hell to pay! Welcome to the world of mild to moderate OCD)
Yesterday I wanted to do something, but not get too involved, so I made a Spring-y flour sack towel for my kitchen:

I'm glad to be back in the land of crafting! I hope to spend some more time in my studio today and have another post before too long.


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  1. Love, love everything! The screen cover is my favorite - how cute! Welcome back to blog land, sis.