Sunday, September 20, 2009

Craft Show Prep

My sister's and I are going to be vendors at an upcoming craft show. I spent the weekend preparing for it, which is amazing if you know me, because the craft show is in November and I'm usually a last minute kinda girl.

First, I did some painting of thrifted things. I'm not sure if we will use some or all of these, but we plan on have a bright, fun table and filling things such as my colanders with our goodies.

I spent the majority of my time working on mini pincushions for the show that I love. (I even made a picture of them my new header for the blog!)

I also worked on a few more of my fabric apples, but only completed one. I sewed a bunch and have them in a small container so that I can turn, stuff and finish them while watching TV during the week. I've altered the pattern a little bit so it looks more apple-like to me.

I also worked on a new pattern for potholders. This is my first attempt and I kind of like how it turned out. To make it a little different, I quilted it in concentric squares instead of straight lines.

My sister's and I also recently joined our local quilting guild and attended our first meeting last Monday. They had a class on applique and I was blown away! Up til now I have only done raw edged applique finished with a blanket stitch. This class taught us the freezer paper method and I instantly fell in love with the technique. My practice pieces are a bit rough around the edges (no pun intended) but I'm getting better. I started a new piece today and hope to post it next time if I get it done.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Coolio! I love the yella colander. And, aren't you fancy putting up a new header with pincushions? Are those the ones made with clay pots? I'm loving the colors.