Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sisters Weekend

Since I cleaned up my studio I now have enough room to craft with friends. This weekend, my bestest friend came to play! My sister and I spent over 12 hours in my studio playing and laughing and being crafty.
When Jean and I get together we always try to challenge each other to do something different. I haven't mentioned it for awhile, so I will remind everyone that Jean has a wonderful podcast on Itunes called "Quilted Cupcake". She shares her quilting and crafting ideas and techniques and, as a bonus, she gives me shoutouts a lot! You can visit her blog at for more info on her podcast and to view her show notes.

Jean's latest podcast was all about quilting for a cause. She mentioned several great ways to share a love of quilting with those in need. One of the causes was to benefit the Alzheimer's Association called Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts. The basic idea is to create a quilt that is 9x12 or smaller...small enough to fit into a priority mailer from the USPS. Each month, quilts are auctioned off to raise money for Alzheimer's research.

Of course this is a charity that is near and dear to our hearts since our Mom, Lucy, had Alzheimer's.

Jean and I spent a good part of the day working on our Priority quilts. I kept mine simple and bright, but Jean whipped up a little masterpiece so quickly it left my head spinning.
I believe this has a lot to do with our personalities. I am a planner. I plan to make plans. I make lists and follow them strictly. Jean flies by the seat of her pants and is all the more creative for it! I spent forever trying to come up with an idea and by the time I finally settled on simple circles, Jean had already pieced the top of hers.
This one is mine. I call it "Gumballs":

This is Jean's, I think she decided to call it "Lucy's House":

I must say that these pictures do not do these little quilts justice. I am so happy with how both turned out and hope that they will both raise lots of money for Alzheimer's research.
If you'd like more information on the Priority project, go here. Also, Jean and I are walking in the yearly Alzheimer's walk this year and have set a page for donations. Please donate if you are able. We need to do all we can to end this terrible disease! Visit my donation page here.
That's it for today. I had planned on posting a few other things but I think I will save them for next time!

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  1. So lovely and such a worthy cause. My uncle suffered from Alzheimer's and his was so slow he knew something was wrong and it so upset him. Please let the rest of us know what we can do.