Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Wonky Weekend

This past week was not a good one. What started out as a migraine last weekend triggered my Vertigo which resulted in me spending most of the week in bed with blankets over the windows to block out the light.

My first bout of Vertigo was back in March and since then I have dealt with migraines and ongoing dizziness to varying degrees. My doctor is concerned and now I need to go see a specialist. Lovely.

I hate missing work...hate it. I have a severe case of Catholic guilt which comes into play when I am late for work, nevermind missing 4 days! Ugh!
I have been forcing myself back to normalcy because I know I have to go back to work tomorrow like it or not, so I spent a little time in my studio this weekend. Unfortunately, everything I attempted came out quite wonky. I think it's because I couldn't concentrate for long periods of time.

I'll share a few things, but, you have been forwarned about the wonkiness.

I made this little ornament from one of the Art to Heart books I love. It's the Spring book. It looked super cute in the book...not so cute here. I'm trying to pretend I was going for Shabby Chic.

Next I attempted to piece a Stacking Coin Quilt. Clearly this will need some seams ripped and resewn, but I do like that I finally used the red, white and blue charm pack that I've had for 6 months now!

Lastly, I finished the owl embroidery pillow I've been working on for awhile. He isn't wonky, thank goodness, but that's because he was mostly done before I got sick.

Cuteness, huh? I am very happy with how it turned out.

Hopefully I will feel better with each passing day and be able to work on some painting projects I had to put off this weekend. Including these:

New/old colanders to paint. Yay! If you know me at all by now, you know I love colanders. I couldn't turn down these 2 colanders at a yard sale last week for .50 each. I think one needs to be orange and one purple. Not my usual colors, but I already have pink, blue and teal ones...time to get more creative with my colors!

If you have a minute, please wing some positive thoughts my way that I will overcome this Vertigo and get back to the business of living life!




  1. I've had vertigo and it is not a fun ride. Hoping your drs can figure out the cause soon. And I don't think your work is wonky...I should have a bit of wonkey if so!

  2. Come, now, that's not so wonky! I was expecting Willy Wonky, but not so! I love it all - Owly is a fav, but the coin quilt rocks! Once you quilt it, that will be awesome! Hope you're feeling better.