Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hi Honey, I'm Home!

Another busy weekend has passed. Overall it was a very good weekend. Jeff and I decided to put a bid on a house we saw (cross your fingers!), I hung out with Jean a bit on Saturday, I spent time with my sister, Jan, today as we went to the cemetary and then to lunch and I took a little time today to work on a new apron!

Thanks to Jean, it is displayed above on my new dress form. Jean emailed me a link last week to a Craigslist posting for a dress form and I immediately emailed the seller. Jeff and I picked it up yesterday and it's perfect! It's not the antique one that I was hoping for, but it's clean and will fit perfectly in my new studio when/if we move.

Anyway, how cute is this apron?!? It's called "Hi Honey, I'm Home!" and I found the pattern for free on Robert Kaufman's website - it was so easy to make! Jean's last podcast was all about aprons and I've been itching to make a new one. I still have to add the ties onto the apron, but that shouldn't take too long. I have some other ideas for a similar apron that I want to make for my future Etsy shop and hope to work on that next weekend.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!



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  1. Toooo cute! Can't wait to check out that pattern. Look at you with all the fancy pointy-points action. Fancy! The MAN-equin looks great. Betty wants his number. :P