Monday, September 30, 2013

Settling In

No one ever told me that being a homeowner is such hard work!  We keep finding more that needs to be done on the house (fill the 2 foot deep hole under the porch, pull up the disgusting fake carpet outside the lower deck and seed, clean the dryer vent, clean all of the window tracks to get out all of the gross science experiments growing get the picture) before we can actually get to the fun stuff!

I am so tired of cleaning and doing maintenance. And by "I", of course I'm referring to J doing all this while I helped (ie made things worse).  I had to do some nesting. Even if it was a touch here and there.

Last weekend, Jean and I found a couple of gently used bar stools at the local Good Will for $10 each.  They were perfect except for the fabric part.  

 A quick trip to Joann's and a yard of fabric later and ta-da!  I'm still planning to paint the chairs white at some point to match the kitchen better, but this was just the pick-me-up I needed to make the house a little bit more like home!

I also made myself a cozy little corner of our new to us couch donated by a great friend, Mary Beth.  The vintage yo-yo throw was found by my Mom years ago at a yard sale and the denim pillow is something I made last weekend when I was itching to sew.  

So, slowly but surely, we are settling in and creating our own home!


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