Monday, January 9, 2012

After Christmas Backlog

I have some wonderful Christmas presents and ideas to share with everyone, but I've been super busy, especially since we just had our family Christmas gathering yesterday!
So, since I don't have time to write out a post for that just yet, I thought I'd share a couple pics of my Christmas Bostons. 
Trust me when I say Santa Paws was very good to these two lil terrors...errr...terriers.

Here's Jovi, our youngest wearing her new Christmas pajamas that she plain hates, but she knew she was not getting a dingo without posing for at least one pic with them on:

And then of course we have Princess Blair who is twelve, cranky and doesn't let that missing eye slow her down even a little.  She hates this Santa suit, but we still make her wear it for 5 mins every Christmas.  We did compromise and not put the booties on her this year:

I'll be back soon with more actual crafty stuff, I promise!!


  1. Head over to my blog...I've given you an award! I love your blog

  2. The award is on my altered blog

  3. LOl love the pictures of the dog, for some reason he's not quite in love with the outfit. I found your blog from Jules.